Satanic messages in songs played backwards

Satanic messages in songs played backwards

Youre either going to love it or hate it. I liked the bravery that von Trier had with his stylistic choices. However, on a deeper level I think the film might be a little hallow. Its feels more like a film about filmmaking rather than a film about the actual drama. This is the thing that really cuts the audience in half. So once again, if you can rent it, this would be the best thing to do. We dont want you to blow your money on something you hate. Not really, as hed used this same style for his previous two movies, nothing new in that department. Again, Id completely disagree, whereas I wouldnt sport DITD as a top personal favourite with Von Trier, his best in my opinion is Idioterne, the performances matched with the anti-musical vibe tell the whole story extremely well, and with for once, an admirable compassion, which lacks in a lot of modern films. It certainly was a divider however, I think its worth it, and its not a girly flick thats for sure. hmmm, maha must still be banned, he got his buddy kiku to come in and explain for Location: Neuenhof, Switzerland If the exact same movie had been directed by a Jake Smith nobody would have even bothered with it except perhaps to hold it up for well-deserved ridicule at last years Cannes film festival, the critic of the International Herald Tribune did mention that Bjork constitutes a quadruple cinematic threat: cant sing, cant dance, cant act, cant satanic messages in songs played backwards many people think its if not the greatest movie ever made any where, at any time at least the greatest Danish-made, videographed-in-Sweden standing in for the USA, unspeakably tragic, incredibly heart-wrenching, widescreen musical chick flick starring an Icelandic pop star and a quite famous and much admired older French hmmm, maha must still be banned, he got his buddy kiku to come in and explain for Its funny, you lot get all high rate when someone says they dont like some crap film that you all do, and then you find it hard to believe that there are actually people out there who like a film that you dont. I mean wow, maha liked dancer, Kiku likes dancer, god, this must be some kind of Anyway, Im sorry, now i shall go and make a pointless list for you Was there ever a DVD that you saw where the packaging was very slightly ripped in the corner? Im satanic messages in songs played backwards getting moaned at by Taxi and all the other board owners to not go over the top or insult but when you lot do it, its passable. I liked Dancer yes, I said it wasnt a personal favourite, and when I feel the need to defend certain points about the film I will, and believe it or not, more than one person liked the film!!! SHOCK, SHOCK, HORROR I see some people liked Charlies Angels, haha, so what though! Stop the mean bashing Saraswati. I dont see the fairness in it. I actually LOVED Dancer in the Dark, even though Im not particulary fond of elevating experimental films as elitistic art. I would rather see Jurassic Park five times than one Andy Warhole movie a second time. Just because Dancer in the Dark is made by a certain person with a certain reputation, doesnt mean it should be trashed automatically; every movie is worth at least one viewing. If one dont like it, tough. This message has been edited by Lightivity edited 07-10-200 Well, Im trying not to bash people as much as I used to, all I can say is that my preference in film is for art, thats not to say I cant enjoy something in the mainstream entertainment category, to which I do now and again, but I prefer films which break rules, have a higher experimentation with mise-en-scene, especially when it comes to the shallow characters movies whereby mise-en-scene is usually symmetrical in conveying the mood of the protagonist or characters etc, etc I dont like this stuff because Im told to, or because I want to be a part of a certain group of snobbish elitists, fuck that, I enjoy those movies because I do, basically, thats my choice, thats my taste. Anyway, enough of the bad Kevin Costner speeches I didnt think that saraswatis comments could have been considered insulting. She thinks youre MV, I think shes wrong, but shes entitled to her beliefs. Ive stated at least a couple times on the forum that KikuchiyoCM is not Mahavishnu, but it appears that most folks around here consider what I say to be of little or no value. And now, to bring this tragically boring case of whos who back around to the topic at Ive not seen Dancer in the Dark, and I dont really plan on it. It sounds like the kind of movie I wouldnt get into. Maybe someday when I have absolutely nothing else to watch, Ill give it a rent. Who knows? This message has been edited by Taxi edited 07-10-200 the main reason i have my suspicions is that, often, when mahavishnu is mentioned, kikuchio will come into the thread and add his her 2 cents. though he/she rarely ever posts otherwise. also, if mahavishnu is around and there is some debate going on that he is on the losing end of, often kiku will come chime in that he/she agrees. and there has been at least once that mahavishnu was banned and, WITHIN HOURS kiku was on the scene, arguing the same point maha was before being banned. kiku, if you are mahavishnu, whatever, i dont care. if you arent mahavishnu, i dont care either. it was just a half joking observation. in fact, your reaction to my non-inflammatory post makes me think you probably are, due to a the lady doth protest too much kind of thing. anyway, i honestly dont care whether you liked dancer or not, and i dont want to get into another argument about it. i didnt say anything particularly insulting, either. also, i have never jumped down your throat about disliking a film i liked, or vice versa. you are free to make your own choices and have your own tastes, its no skin off my teeth. in fact, i like an interesting debate far more than a silly list or complaining about trivial things like edge enhancement anyday. i was even starting to miss people like you and mahavishnu, because at least the heated discussions make life more interesting. Dancer is the best film of the last ten years! Its SUPPOSED to be melodramtic, but in a good way putting the emotion and the drama back into art cinema. Of course the film is also metaphorical, passing comment on the nature of the artist, and the nature of life in general. Nothing wrong with that. Kiku the 100 camera sequences have no prescident, and Trier pays great attention to mise-en-scene even in the handheld sequences.

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